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Jungle Gym with Yeni Mao  and Arrogante Albino
GDL 90210, Guadalajara. 2021

Guadalajara90210 presents Jungle Gym, an exhibition by Bayo Alvaro & Yeni Mao ft. Arrogante albino, from March 13rd to April 25th 2021.

This show was conceived watching Harry Harlow’s experiments about the nature of love and affection, using baby monkeys and artificial mothers. The study seemed apt for this period of pandemia; the way we experience disconnection between us, viscerally, with our bodies. The exhibition creates a structure open to play, the exploration of the uncontrollable, and personal mythologies.

This piece, fig 26.1 hanuman sun wukong, a jungle gym of painted steel, arises as a support and a representation of play. Its function generates a secure condition, allowing experimentation and haptic play between the materialities of Arrogante albino, Bayo Alvaro, and Yeni Mao. As a house is built, Mao creates the physical and ideological structure of the exhibition; Alvaro occupies this structure with botanical sculptures, encapsulating shared memories that are both hermetic and universal.

This framework invites the performance group Arrogante albino to respond to these legacies, generating temporary sculptures based on performative processes, giving a new temporality to the vocabulary of materials that constitute the exhibition.

“Jungle Gym” is a free, experimental and equalized space created by intergenerational queer artists. The three practices react to each other in a dynamic call and response, a dialogue of proximity. 

Arrogante albino - Héctor Jiménez Castillo, Alejandro Mendicuti, Isaac Márquez, Ruth Ramos, Karla Sosa, Jesús Estrada y Natalia Martínez Mejía.

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