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Khial Nhkel
Khial Nhkel, Marrakesh. 2020

During the Khial Nkhel Art Program 2020, Bayo Alvaro conceived two large scale sculptures consisting on a Jacaranda tree and a palm tree emerging into and out of the space.

The Jacaranda tree, both present in Morocco and Mexico, Bayo Alvaro's home country, is understood from a series of personal memories and narratives mingled with spiritual practices of hair related magic. This tree fused with the space create a phantasmagorical image of belonging.

For his second large scale sculpture, Bayo Alvaro introduces the palm tree both as a blessing overseeing the exhibition space and as a curse for its colonial past as an imported symbol of power. This roaming palm tree becomes entrapped in the wall to see itself transformed into a street lamp recalling similar night lights in Marrakesh's modern city.

Khial Nkhel is an itinerant residency and exhibition program. Created in 2017 by a collective of Moroccan artists, Khial Nkhel advocates for an experimental approach to creation and for the renewal of exhibition practices in the art field.

After several residencies in Bin el Ouidane, 15 mixed-media artists will this time gather in Marrakech’s medina, at the Queens Collective Riad. During 3 weeks, they will develop their own practice and collaborate with others, in close intimacy with the local environment.

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