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If our bodies were...

ENSAPC, Paris, 2019

If our Bodies were....

This show focuses on ideas of empowerment though body interventions. Throughout the show, several performance pieces where shown, including a series of gesture based compositions using the sculptures. There was a ungoing conversation between space and non space. A wall of photos of various formats create a rhythmic conversation that encloses a multimedia approach entangling instants of sculptural gestures, photography and pictural composition.


Two videos from the On Masculinites series are also shown alongside sensorial sculptures. These pieces are an ongoing research where sculptures become the support for videos of recorded actions. These videos show performers undergoing satirical rituals in private space. The videos perform the construction of masculinity, following the building of a form through to collapse. The works as a whole use actions and materials as simulacra, tackling representations of universal gender constructs.

PerfScu - Hug.JPG
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