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Bayo Alvaro

18/09/1992 Mexico City, Mexico

Bayo Alvaro’s work—evocative of strange, alien flora—recall Karen Barad’s descriptions of a “queer performativity” of nature. In this conception of the natural world, nothing is ever exclusively male or female, animate and inanimate; nor is it simply good or evil. Rather, there is endless potential for change and intra-action. Bayo Alvaro's work appear laced together in symbiosis, reflecting the ways in which living beings continuously tend towards and transform one another.


Bayo Álvaro utilizes mechanisms of representation and corporeality reflecting the ways in which fluxes of energy inside materials cinflluence one another. The use of his own body, through interactions, based on organic processes is vital for the investigation. His work focuses mainly on the fields of video, performance and sculpture. However, in a multidisciplinary practice, Bayo Álvaro allows himself to approach installation to discuss how identities and experiences interact.

Bayo Alvaro (b. 1992, MEX) received a BFA from the Institut de Beaux-Arts de Toulouse, and subsequently received an MFA from the École Superièure de Beaux-Art de Paris Cergy.

Bayo Alvaro's work has appeared in several exhibitions in France, Morocco, Canada, Spain, Greece, Canada, USA and Mexico. More recently, Álvaro presented an individual exhibition ¡Suéltame! at Deli Gallery, Mexico City. A two person show with Lily Baker at Naranjo, Mexico City. In 2022 Bayo Alvaro presented two solo shows “GOON” at El Arenero and “In the garden where we are dogs” at GAM. He presents in 2021 “Jungle Gym”, an exhibition together with Yeni Mao at Guadalajara 90210 and “Bayo Alvaro”, an individual exhibition composed of sculptures based on bodily interactions in Denfert Jardin, Paris. In 2019 he presented the solo shows “If our bodies were...” and “How to poach an egg” at ENSAPC, France. He has exhibited in Mexico City at Salón Silicón with “MHMMM!” and “Artistic Validation Space - EVA3” at Casa Tonalá.

Solo Shows


Honey with Lily Baker

Naranjo, Mexico City, Mexico


Deli Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico



El Arenero, Mexico City, Mexico

El jardín donde somos perros

GAM, Mexico City, Mexico


Jungle Gym with Yeni Mao

Guadalajara 90210, Jalisco, Mexico

Obra en Cerámica with Alejandra Venegas

Siete y Medio, Mexico City, Mexico


bayo alvaro

Jardin Denfert, Paris, France


How to Pouch an Egg.

ENSAPC, Cergy, France

If our bodies were...

ENSAPC, Cergy, France


Espacio de Validación Artística EVA 3

Casa Tonalá, Mexico City, Mexico


Salón Silicón, Mexico City, Mexico

Selected Group Shows


Los Pinos, Mexico City, Mexico

El Aliento de los Materiales

Museo de Cultura de Leon, Leon, Mexico.

Strange Fire - ESTUDIO CROMA

Space 52, Athens, Greece

Visa Projects Vol 2.

Beverly, NYC, US

De grote Kermiekshow

Outsiderland, Amsterdam, NL


Guadalajara 90210, Mexico City, Mexico


2 Lives

NMV Espacio, Barcelona, Spain

En Cautiverio, Camaleones - SOPORTE

CROMA, Mexico City, Mexico




Khial Nkhel - Art Program

Khial Nkhel, Marrakesh, Morroco

Courage! NEAR Infrared

Rinomina, Paris, France



JC Escultura

Fonca, Mexico City, Mexico.



Residencia Ceramica de 4A

Galeria A4, Tlahuelilpan, Mexico.


Khial Nkhel - Art Program

Khial Nkhel, Marrakesh, Morroco


Le Local Associatif

L.A. Arles, France

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